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storiessfor_you READ BELOW! TRUE STORY!

A girl named Casey was walking with a friend. They saw a bee on the ground

Being childish, Casys friend was about to step on it. Though Casey quickly stopped her. "Stop!" Casey then lets the bee on her hand. Its stayed there for a while and flew off.

Being bored, Caseys friend ran off to play with different people but Casy followed the bee instead.

It took her to a lovely meadow.
As she grew older she somehow made a special bond with the bees. *50 Years Later*

Casey still visited the bees. She even brang her friends over. She had picnics and they were her best friends

Then one day, when she was walking back home she heard bullets. Gun bullets.

She started to run away from the noise but the placed she lived was full of it.
She heard two more gun bullets

Casy looked down. Blood dripping.
She fell down with a gasp *** When she had died, witnesses have said that the peroson who had shot her had been sent to the hospital caused by an attack of bees.

Then, at her funeral, bees had come over and black and yellow was seen all around

Eveyone was amazed. They stayed for another hour before returning back to their meadows

There are still photos around of the bees. *** I HOPE YOU LIKED IT!! This took me ages because I kept crying. I dont know if its tue but who cares!! Its so sadd

Comment below if you want more or to be tagged on the next story post!! (PS make sure to check out my series I am making and i would appreciate some positive feedback!!!) #sad #sadstory #hopeyoulikeit #hopeyoulikedit #bees #beestory #repost #sadstorybelow #crying #funeral #bestfriends #casey #feedback #truestory #story #stories #account #storyaccount #cute #cutestory

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the_artsy_lion Ordered a pizza with a dinosaur from Casey's and I'm not disappointed at all!
#Casey's pizza#pizza!#fun night

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hayleejoe Don't even know who snapped this shot // @caseybe_ 3h

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shebsface Good times at another #Casey release, especially with The Cut: Cherry to be had! #craftbeer #colorado 3h

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caseyandcali Happy Sunday!! #Casey 4h

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xdeadinthedirtx It's been a long time since I found a melodic hardcore band that I loved so much and who's lyrics/music hit me so hard it sent shivers down my spine,fucking beautiful music <3 #caseyband #casey #melodichardcore #melodic #posthardcore #metalcore #fade #hxc #beingasanocean #counterparts 5h

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alarson21 My princess at her first holy communion today #casey #cousinlove #loveyou 5h

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