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brienna22 Hear her story and donate... Hawaii girl just tryin' to get back to doing what she loves. Give her a follow if you aren't already @britz317 #BW2W #brittswilltowalk 3y
  •   britz317 Thank you! keep up the riding! Keep killin it! #bw2wdonation 3y
  •   haoleboy324 Chee mahalos 3y
  •   brienna22 No problem you guys! I'll be sending something your way. @britz317 @5150boys 3y
  •   brienna22 And thanks lol. Not "if", but (when) you start riding again, I'd like to ride with you one day lol no matter if we're @britz317 can I send cash? 3y
  •   britz317 When I do ride, we will for sure ride!! That's a promise to be tax deductible it has to be credit card or check to helphopelive but if you don't care for the tax write off I can give you my address n ill send you back some britsWill2Walk for your cash donation. Lmk. Thanks by the way, honored you want to ride with me one day 3y
  •   brienna22 Cheee! Lol. Alright, I'll let you know what I decide to do haha, no problem. And the honor is mines! @britz317 3y

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