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marnard808 My dawg @marcosmanoel20 just said something about one of our not just #RapLegend not just #HipHopLegend not just a #Poet & even a #MusicLegend #2Pac #Tupac was all those things & more🏾🏾 He was and is an #AmericanLegend #HumankindLegend Anyways, my man @marcosmanoel20 just wrote in response to a comment I made to one of his pics of #Tupac that "2Pac is #culture , man"🏾🏾🏾 @marcosmanoel20 u r 100% He is culture🏾🏾🏾🏾 Listen to what the message he brought & u know #nodoubt that's #culture #RIP2Pac 🏾🏾😇 This song is so much #Truth Bo matter what biases or obstacles u going through out there, based on negative perceptions, like 2Pac said here, @u got to keep the faith!!" 🏽🏽 #NoDoubt #Believethat 🏾 #Aloha😎🏾 48min
  •   marcosmanoel20 The name of this music is? 47min
  •   marcosmanoel20 I love Runnin and Smile for me, the best all songs 46min
  •   marnard808 It's a remixed version of the song, "Hello" by another musical legend, #LionelRichie 43min
  •   marnard808 @lionelrichie song, "Hello" 🏾 Couldn't listen to this enough in elementary school🏽🏽🏾🏾 ️this song...the original & now this one🏾🏽 only just found this bout two months ago after starting on IG had not heard before....this version 39min

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