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i_will_love_btr_4ever BTR & Challen #btr #bestband 3min

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btr_fangirl1 Chapter: 8 Hospital trips -!- Molly's POV

I just stood there frozen not able to go on after what just happened to Carlos. Why did it have to be him? Why couldn't it have been me?

But it was also me... After Bryan got Carlos he started to go after me and believe me I did try to run but he was to quick and he caught me. Fighting back was no use because I just became weaker every time and darkness to over just like it did to Carlos. -!- Carlos's POV
1 hr later

What happened? How long was I out for? Is Molly okay?
That was all I could think about after I woke up from the black out, I don't even remember how I got knocked out I just remember falling back and let darkness take over.

I start to slowly stand up getting a little dizzy but I manage to pull through and look around my surroundings, I was still in Molly's dressing room.

Kendall: Good you're awake!

James: Hey bud are you okay?

Carlos: Yeah, I'm fine just looking for Molly.

Logan: Don't get to upset but you might want to look behind you.

I turn around to see Molly laying on the cold hard floor unconscious, Bryan must've got to her and it's probably all my fault.

I rush over to her side the best I can and when I finally reach her I sit down next to her and start touching her, she felt cold and lifeless.

I start to hear sirens I'm guessing the boys called an ambulance for the both of us but I think Molly will need it more than me. Mostly because she's unconscious.

Worker: Hello?

James: In here!

Worker: We've received a call about a young man and woman, both unconscious.

Carlos: The young man would be me, but I'm awake now. As for the woman she is still unconscious. Worker: Thank you. (talking to other workers) All right boys let's lift the woman onto the gurney on three. 1, 2, 3.

I watch as they take Molly out to the ambulance so she can go to the hospital.

Worker: We'd like you to be admitted to hospital just to make sure you're okay.

Carlos: Sure.

Worker: Follow me to the ambulance please and your friends can come as well.

We let's hope everything's okay with the both of us but mostly Molly because she's my world and I can't have her hurt because it'll tear me down.

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natzuryjimenez Yes My idols,the world's best #ILoveYou #Love #Dreams #BigTimeRush #BTR #Kendall #Logan #James #Carlos ★☆★☆★ 9min

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thekendallschmidt late nights - deep thoughts - brings me into dangerous situations

#carlospena #alexavega #carlexa #btr #bigtimerush

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annis_scarlett Es increible como se pasa el tiempo, parece que fue ayer cuando apenas estaban estrenand .la primera temporada y hoy cumple 2 años Like Nobody's Around y esa canción la pasaron en la cuarta temporada, no puedo creerlo, extraño cuando decia en la tv que iban a estrenar nuevos episodios(':
Pero hoy en dia sigo orgullosa de estos cuatro monoperros y los amo a pesar de que me gusten otras bandas, espero que regresen pronto
#2YearsLikeNobodysAround #RusherForever #BTR W

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50min rusher_real
Normal Rushers Argentinas

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aathzy So throw your hands in the air
Come on and make this count
It's only you and me, never mind this crowd
Do the way you do it
Do it like nobody's around, whoa
So put your hands in the air
Come on and waste no time
It doesn't really matter if it's wrong or right
Do the way you do it
Do it like nobody's around
We can do it like nobody's around
#2yearsLikeNobodysAround #bigtimerush #BTR #24Seven

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Normal Colten Lane Sartain
colten768 I love checking the mail ;) #briantooleyracing #btr #pushrods #mail 1h

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Slumber key salazar meza
keysalazarmeza Grrr niños lindos... esta cancion le gusta hasta a mi mama
#BTR #GrandesMomentos #Amo #LaMusica

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Normal Sra.Maslow
maslow_fanpage Like nobody's around!

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bigtimerush23_ #Btr vote!!!!! which btr song is your favorite?

link in bio www.vote.pollcode.com/32167423

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Inkwell Sara:)