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deen.newsletter #Turkey :
Demonstration in #Gaziantep protesting #Assad and #Russia's crimes in #Aleppo.

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deen.newsletter #Al_Bayda#Syria
May 3rd. 2013 : It's been three years but the memory of the #assad Regime massacre there remains fresh.
Still wonder why so many #Syrians are refugees.

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counter_terorism SYRIA

Al-Zabit hospital after terrorist's attack/3rd,May,2016/Aleppo,Syria


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trump.boi White Precious can't handle the thought of making America great again.
Smash Cultural Marxism
#marx #smash #nation #freedom #nationalist #Ukraine #Russia #Poland #Turkey #ISIS #NATO #UN #EU #Syria #Assad #USA #GOP #Republican #Democrat #Left #Right #feelthebern #YPG #DPR #national #nationalism #identity #europe

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indonesiabertauhid #Syria_Update .

Pelukan seorang abang kepada adiknya di saat2 mereka menghembuskan nafas yang terakhir bersama2... Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi raji'oon.

Tidak mampu hati ini melihat keaadan anak2 dari ummat ini menjadi mangsa kezaliman rejim Bashar al Assad!

Hasbuna Allah wa ni'mal wakeel.
Doakan kami di Syria.
#Syria #Child #war #Assad
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resistance_axis Syria raps Norway militant training in Jordan -

Syria's Foreign Ministry has strongly condemned Norway's plan to dispatch dozens of troops to Jordan to train militants for fighting the Damascus government, saying the move amounts to a flagrant violation of national sovereignty.

The ministry in a statement on Tuesday called the reported deployment of 60 Norwegian troops as “a blatant and unacceptable interference in Syria’s internal affairs and a flagrant violation of its sovereignty,” which came without authorization from the Syrian government.

The decision by the Norwegian government also runs contrary to internationally recognized norms and conventions on combating terrorism which calls for coordination with the governments of the states involved in fighting terrorism, it added.

The statement calls on the international community and the Norwegian public to take a stand against such irresponsible decisions that have resulted in the spread of terrorism in the Mideast region and elsewhere.
_ "….with terrorism striking in the hearts of European cities while their governments’ continue to practice imbalanced policies regarding the crisis in Syria and regarding the war on terrorism,” it explained.
It also criticizes the US-led Western policy of dividing terrorists into good and bad.

Norwegian Prime Minister Erna Solberg said Monday the Norwegian Parliament will need to be consulted if troops from the Scandinavian country are to operate within Syria.

Defense Minister Ine Marie Eriksen Soreide did not identify which Syrian groups will be trained by the Norwegian soldiers, noting that they have been selected following a “thorough and systematic” selection process.
  •   southleb88 @peshmerganor what is your take on this? 2h
  •   gbrielsoligo @peshmerganor what is your take on this? 1h
  •   alibaba_khorasan Norway training Terrorists hahaha thats anither proof that Nato made Terrorists and hired them as mercenaries to fight instead of them and accomplish thier missions and protect thier greedy corrupted politicians interests 48min
  •   losomontanabmg @loewenzahn_offenbarung The citizens complain while the "progressive" governments just take in more and more by fear of being called racist. But the same citizens that complain should do a little research and speak up against this bullshit. And also with Europe not having borders, theres almost zero control of who comes in which means a lot of FSA, Al-Nusra and Daesh fighters have made their way in France, Germany, Belgium, Spain, Italy etc. This is also part of the Zionist plan. They want the people to support military interventions to topple Assad. Sad world we live in lol.. 44min

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docshayji #الكويت_تستحيب وتُطلق حملة الإغاثة العاجلة ل #حلب
Kuwait# launches an aid drive to help the languishing residents of #Aleppo who have been under relentless bombing by #Assad regime forces & Russian jet fighters that killed over 250 civilians in 10 days!!.. #انقذوا_حلب #حلب_تحترق #حزاكم_الله_خيرا
  •   sarabgoldsilver جزاهم الله خير 3h
  •   a7.sy جزى الله الكويت حكومه وشعبا خير الجزاء والله يحفضهم وسائر العرب والمسلمين من كل شر ومكروه. 3h
  •   3boorii_119 عمري عمر الكويت 3h
  •   saleh_al.salem شنو فايدة الاغاثه اذا الناس تموت !! الناس تبي امان بالاول 49min

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hikmapanjaitan Aksi solidaritas dari dokter di Indonesia untuk saudara di #Aleppo, Suriah dan memprotes pemboman atas pelayanan kesehatan yang dilakukan oleh teroris rezim ASSad dan teroris Rusia. Penyerangan ke pelayanan kesehatan adalah kejahatan perang !

#indonesia #doctor #health #hospital #SolidarityForAleppo #assad #putin #terrorist #AleppoIsBurning #savealeppo #Aleppo #Halab #suriah #syam

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