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  •   wishtography @hamzyji I just took the pic, It's not my C! \X/ish :0) 3y
  •   hamzyji @wish69 awesome shot... just the why I want to stance mine... 3y
  •   wishtography @hamzyji Thanks, much appreciated. Go for the stance of your dreams! \X/ish ;0) 3y
  •   corradoflower Love that car! Hey thats in The Netherlands! I live there :) haha 3y
  •   corradoflower Well the car is of NL .. ;p where do you make this shot ? 3y
  •   wishtography @corradoflower Yes that's a Dutch Corrado down in Worthersee, Austria for the #31stGtiTreffen #31stGtiTreffen2012 that's where the pic was taken! \X/ish ;0) 3y
  •   corradoflower @wish69 ooh okay, i thought it was in the netherlands ;p hahah. Here in holland are not much corrados on the road .. :( But my friend have a black with purple corrado, but thats a G60 :D 3y
  •   wishtography @corradoflower maybe not many on the roads but there are over 1500 Corrado's in the Netherlands, with most getting a lot of TLC from the owners! \X/ish PS You can also follow me on www.twitter.com/vwCorradoVR6 ! 3y

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