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  •   phillystylezz I know ive seen ppl turn my service down and go to a far less skilld Barber jus cuz they coo nut ass sht thea 2y
  •   tootdabarber @phillydabarber lol stay grinding skill always win 2y
  •   acutabuvtherest So True....I feel u on that, bein a stylist the Industry has truly changed, now its about an IMAGE, and a WHO U KNW, plain ole skillz isnt enuf anymore, sad but true! Im Blessed thou, 27yrs, still standing! 2y
  •   phillystylezz Its all I know toot like Nuri told yrs ago focus on my craft and Da doe will come 2y
  •   tootdabarber @phillydabarber @acutabuvtherest if u can't beat them join them and takeover that's my outlook and congrats on y'all craft and time in the game 2y
  •   stylistpj I can respect that 2y
  •   phillystylezz No dout same to u toot 2y

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