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  •   mrritenow83 Got marshmallows????@ryanlipd 2y
  •   ibetyoukinda @mrritenow83 lol ill prepared, just my phone and my vid camera. Got some nice baby explosions on camera 2y
  •   brian_gallagher Woah I saw this didn't get a pic tho @rebeccacip this is the fire I was telling you about 2y
  •   ibetyoukinda @brian_gallagher it burned for approx 20 mins. Few fire trucks that ran outta water n foam, hell of a fire. I got it all on vid. 2y
  •   brian_gallagher How did it start? Did anyone get hurt I was so jammed up in traffic passing that lol 2y
  •   ibetyoukinda @brian_gallagher not too sure, nobody else was involved so im assuming electrical. The driver is the guy standing far in the back by the divider, nobody was hurt. That thing burned like no tomorrow! 2y

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