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yuh_neh_lee So last night I was going thru some of my old messages and I ran into this
From my beautiful friend @hiiiimemily I'm so glad I got to meet you back in middle school and I'm so glad we are still friends till this day <3 Thankyou so much for always being there for me on my lows and highs
You are honestly one of the people I wanna keep forever and always
#bestiessinceda7thgrade #ilovehersomuch #2012issues #shehassuchabeautifulsoul #andherboobsareonpoint
  •   hiiiimemily LMFAO omfgggggg this is so old! but of course Yanaile your one of my day ones and I am very grateful to have met you gurl I'm always gonna be here for you if you need me and my gay advice lol forever! Love ya boo 😙 4mon
  •   bregi0 genuine. And hit every single point on the head. Everything about you has beauty 4mon
  •   yuh_neh_lee Aww Thankyou so much ((: @bregi0 4mon

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