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Normal Hi... I Like Bands◑ω◐
1d_hipthrustonme “I’ve been with people who wear these before,” Liam tells him, pressing his lips to the perfumed skin of Zayn’s throat. Zayn’s grips at Liam’s t-shirt, tugs it upward until Liam pulls it off. He looks at Zayn then, red lips and dark eyes, hair falling into his face. He touches his thumb to Zayn’s lower lip. “It didn’t even smudge.” “Modern science is amazing,” Zayn says. “You’ll just have try harder.” Liam is more than willing to accept that challenge. They fall into Zayn’s bed still kissing, Zayn’s stockinged legs bracketing Liam’s hips. Liam’s dick jerks in his trackies, and Zayn’s is poking up over the waistband of his knickers. Liam bends to press his lips to the lipstick mark between Zayn’s collarbones, nuzzles down over his bare chest. The plump head of his dick is leaking messily against his belly, and Liam cups his balls through the silky material, runs his fingers over the heavy weight of them.

The lower he goes, the more the scent of Lou’s perfume is overwhelmed by the smell of Zayn’s skin, sweat and musk and boy. Not something Liam’s used to being turned on by, but he is, pressing his mouth to the shape of Zayn’s dick beneath the straining knickers. Zayn swears and arches towards him as Liam licks at him through damp satin, and Liam just wants more, crazy for a taste of him as he pulls at the waistband with his teeth. The suspenders interfere, make it harder to roll the underwear off Zayn’s hips, and Zayn reaches down to help, freeing his cock for Liam’s mouth.

Liam sucks at the head, startled by the taste, the stretch of it between his lips, but he doesn’t want to stop, taking Zayn in deeper until he gasps and reaches for Liam’s head. Liam sucks the way he likes himself, shallow and tight, wrapping one hand around the base of Zayn’s cock to guide it for his mouth. With every bob of Liam’s head, Zayn grabs for Liam’s short hair, rocks his hips up. Liam rolls Zayn’s balls in his other hand, rubs one finger behind and makes Zayn swear again. The taste in his mouth is getting thicker, more bitter as Zayn’s cock blurts precome.

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Normal ♡Official Fan Account♡
5sos.flower Hii((: can you guys plz give this account a follow? She is really cool to tlk to and this is her first fan account and she will be active daily. Thank you!! Ily🌞
#5sosfam #5sos #5sosfam4life #5H #5sauce #5secondsofsummer #5thharmony#1D #obsessedwithbands #onedirection #marinaandthediamonds

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Normal Hi... I Like Bands◑ω◐
1d_hipthrustonme “Hi,” says Zayn. Then he steps back, fingers the zip on the hoodie. “You know I’m not really a girl, right?” Liam splutters in distress. “Of course. I mean, obviously. We’re in a band together. We’re mates. I’ve seen your…” He gestures towards Zayn’s crotch. “That’s not what I mean. It’s not my dick that makes me a boy. It’s not any part of my body.” He unzips the hoodie and lets it fall, revealing his bare shoulder, the arch of his collarbone, the curve of his fake breasts. “If I kiss you, you’re kissing a boy. Even a boy in lipstick. And if that freaks you out, you’d better go.” He starts on the button fly of his jeans, and Liam hadn’t realized that he left the stockings and suspenders on when he changed, but he can see it now, the band of lace around Zayn’s skinny hips, the straps pulling against his thighs. Zayn’s wearing girl’s pants, black and silky looking, dipping low around the bulge of his dick. Liam’s eyes catch on the frizz of Zayn’s pubes above the waist of his knickers, drag higher over his tattoo, unreadable in the dim glow from the bedside lamp. “Don’t think I won’t,” Liam says anyway, heart hammering.

Zayn pulls his top off carefully, smoothing down the wig after, long wavy hair falling over his shoulders. “Don’t think you won’t what, Liam?” Zayn asks. He’s all tightly corded muscle beneath his clothes, no curves to be found, the lacy bra like an afterthought, the cups rounded out by balled-up socks.

Liam still wants him. He takes a step forward and puts a hand on Zayn’s waist, tips his head down for a kiss, brushing his lips over Zayn’s, testing the waters. Zayn leans up into him, his mouth tacky with lipstick, and when his lips part, Liam pulls him in to kiss him more deeply. He runs his hands up Zayn’s sides, fingers sliding over the lacy band of the bra, around the back to unhook it. “Smooth,” says Zayn, smirking into his mouth.

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15s 1d_druggy
Normal One Direction Dabomb!
1d_druggy Wow...... She looks scary skinny. In other pics of that day she looked fine but here she looks like she might fall down and die at any minute from malnutrition #onedirection #1d #eleanorcalder #eleanor #zaynmalik #zayn #harrystyles #harry #niallhoran niall #liampayne #liam #louistomlinson #louis #directioner #directioners #directionerforlife #boyband 15s

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Normal Hi... I Like Bands◑ω◐
1d_hipthrustonme “Can I kiss you?” Liam blurts out. He’s staring so hard at Zayn’s mouth that the entire world starts to go blurry at the edges.

Zayn tilts his head, nudges his chin up, and Liam bends his face down in answer, closes his eyes. “When we get to the hotel, I might let you do a lot more than that.” Liam waits for a kiss, but when he opens eyes, Zayn’s walking towards the back of the bus, and Liam is tongue tied and hot all over. *

When they get to the hotel, Zayn slips a hoodie on, disguising the wig and the tight top, trades the skirt for baggy jeans and trainers. Liam breathes a little easier seeing Zayn in boy clothes, but when he looks up from beneath the hood, his face is still the face of a beautiful girl who looks like Zayn.

Paul passes out room keys, and Zayn tips his little envelope so Liam can see the room number, letting him know that the offer is still open if he wants to take it. It only takes him a few minutes of frantic pacing to decide he does.

Zayn answers the door in his hoodie and jeans, the long fringe of the wig hanging in his eyes. His painted lips are practically magnetic, drawing Liam into the room until they’re pressed close together behind the closed door. “Hi,” says Liam, guiltily meeting Zayn’s eyes.

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Normal Hi... I Like Bands◑ω◐
1d_hipthrustonme He gets a couple of beers and several Cokes from the fridge, and he’s rummaging for sweets in the cupboard when Zayn says, “It’s not nice to objectify women, Liam.” Liam fumbles the Cokes, his cheeks firing bright red as he turns to find Zayn behind him, close. Zayn’s skirt is soft and short and swingy, accentuating his non-existent hips and reminding Liam of the suspenders beneath, and his black top barely covers his belly and leaves most of the tattoos below his collarbone exposed above the swooping neckline. Although the chest piece they’d used in the video had been bigger, the soft curves of the stuffed bra are tantalising, and Liam is basically defining objectification right now, but he can’t stop. “I’m sorry,” he stutters, not realising until afterwards that it’s an admission of guilt. He’s been staring at Zayn and not-staring at Zayn and wanting to touch him ever since they got him dressed this morning. “I understand that puberty causes all sorts of confusing feelings for young boys, but you just have to remember that women are people too. With thoughts and feelings, not just tits.” It’s so strange to hear Zayn’s normal voice coming from that slick, red mouth, see Zayn’s mischievous smirk crinkling those darkly lined eyes. “I didn’t mean to,” Liam says. “I’m not like that with real girls. You know I’m not.” Zayn leans into him, standing so close and smelling so good that Liam’s breath catches. “Do I make you nervous, Liam?” he asks, licking his lips. “Do I make you question your assumptions? Wouldn’t mind mixing you up a bit, if I’m honest.” 1h

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Normal harry styles?????
harolds.army Can every harry picture just be from this angle??? #harrystyles #onedirection #wwa #harry #1d #5sos 27s

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Normal Hi... I Like Bands◑ω◐
1d_hipthrustonme Liam can’t stop looking at Zayn. He tries to keep it to the corner of his eye, quick glances like sips of air as you come up from swimming. And he does feel as though he’s underwater in between, nervous and dizzy and slow. Also like he might drown. They’re on the massive sofa in the back of the bus, crammed together like the old days, but in the old days, Zayn didn’t look like… that.

One of the other lads says something about the film they have on, and Zayn says something back, and everyone laughs, so Liam laughs too, and slaps a hand against Zayn’s knee. It should look casual, it must, just a little friendly gesture and not a desperate attempt to get a feel of Zayn’s silky stockings, Liam’s fingers spreading over the tight weave. He shouldn’t leave his hand there, to preserve the matey illusion, but he can’t help it. He loves the slickness of the fabric under his fingers, even the way he can feel the texture of Zayn’s leg hair underneath. Louis hadn’t made him shave his legs or armpits, as though that and that alone was too far to go for a dare.

Liam lets his fingers move in distracted little circles, and Zayn’s thigh flexes beneath his palm. Liam’s heartbeat goes staccato with fear. He can’t explain why he’s so into this, and if Zayn notices, if Zayn asks, he may actually die. But Zayn doesn’t say anything, so Liam doesn’t move his hand, lets it curve over the firm muscle above Zayn’s knee. His short skirt is rucked up enough to show the lace edges of his stockings, the suspenders holding them in place against his slim thighs, and Liam’s eyes fall there the next time Zayn moves. He looks away, but much too slowly, dragging his eyes back to the TV screen. They’re halfway through The Avengers, and it’s good that it’s a movie Liam knows by heart because his mind is a blur of warm skin and the smell of Lou’s perfume (“an extra touch of realism,” she’d said as she’d sprayed it on). About the time the Hulk is hurtling off the helicarrier, Liam can’t take it anymore and wriggles his way off the sofa to get snacks. “I want a beer!” Louis calls after him. “Since I’m the only one old enough for it.” Liam doesn’t turn when Louis squawks, “Oy, Niall, no tickling!”

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Normal Alex xx, Abby and M&M

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