postalpix We've been seeing some really cool #postalpix wall art deco around the IG community. Here's a few examples from @londonbritches (top), @tina (bottom left), and @hallieee (bottom right). Can't get enough of these! Do you have a killer PostalPix mural, frame or other display? Let us know with a #postalpix tag :) 4y
  •   tabbyshabby @ppix hmmm... Will I lose already saved apps, music and pictures if I do that? 4y
  •   postalpix @tabbyshabby nope, iTunes will back up everything for you and restore it once the new software is installed. Just to be cautious, I'd still recommend doing a full sync before updating. 4y
  •   postalpix @af_rbroome sorry about that. It's a bug that occurs on Verizon iPhones (usually our limit is 40). We'll be fixing this in our next update due out soon. 4y
  •   postalpix @af_rbroome oh got it. That limit is actually supposed to be set to 20 on iPod touches because they have less memory than iPhones, therefor are more prone to crashing when a lot of images are in the cart. But we're working on increasing that limit in our next update too! 4y
  •   nataliepigliacampo Love the heart mural! Will be doing this in my home. 4y
  •   kurapak_travel Check this out bro @farisan . & check out their whole post if u may! 4y
  •   farisan @kurapak gambar ngalin saja kah 4y
  •   mopheadqueen I had started to make a heart mural too (: great pics. 4y

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