emmaslaterdance Harpoon Harry's waiting for Oysters 1y
  •   lcat444 Applauding you, jakrist2! 1y
  •   sphbert Harpoon Larrys is the best! Hope you had some sweet potato fries and bomb sauce. @emmaslaterdance 1y
  •   sandra_arianna_photography @brittanyybotelho is an account with all copyright material on it. She's a "DWTS fanpage" but is taking the professional work and photos of others, mine in particular, and removing their logos from their photos. She continues to put her own logo on the photos she does not own and posts them on her social media account claiming they are hers when they are not. This is copyright infringement. I'm not the only one affected by this, I was just lucky enough to catch it. Everyone should report this girl. @brittanyybotelho what she is doing is ILLEGAL. 1y

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