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kyliejenner pacsunn whaaaaart @joycebonelli long hair don't care 3mon
  •   _aa.xxr @mamaslove_ dude she looks so pretty here her lips 15h
  •   sevena_ahmad @kiizha_ amawe am gorania bzanm nawi chia :p 14h
  •   tran.g @l.nguyenn 10h
  •   anvnya @aradhanaaaa ??!! 9h
  •   saylo.r I NEVER SAW THIS @annadovve 41min
  •   nubian_goddess93 No offense but I think us woman are more  beautiful without surgery, we all have flaws and just need to except them not drastically change our appearance.  @kyliejenner is so fake just like the rest of her family. famous for honestly nothing. The whole family didn't work for their "fame" and everyone acts like their royalty or God's.. Sad.. I just feel like I have enough SELF CONFIDENCE to not inject POISON into my face. And then lie about it when it's as clear as day that she did it. I mean come on if she didn't she would at least have one natural no "lip liner" pic by paparazzi or her selfies (unless she sleeping with makeup on) but she doesn't and won't post one.. That should tell you right there shes.. Well Fake and not honest. Her lips are 3 times bigger in these pics then in the before pics they showed a lip doctor these pics and he said she definitely had lip fillers and which can cause serious deformity over time because she's so young. (her lips look way over filled) Also Look at the highest paid actors and actress on Google., how did they get to where they are?.. by working their asses off! not by one of their sister's "leaked"  pornos with someone who was already "famous". *f*ol*lo*w if you agree with me* 9min
  •   annadovve YOU DIDNT?!? @saylo.r 7min

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