•   ayejothemad Let's do this @hazelmunster 2d
  •   bobaqu If you stop reading this u will die my name is Teresa fildago.if u don't post this on 20 other post I will sleep with you forever. A girl ignored this and 29 days later her mom dies don't believe me look it up on google. 2d
  •   igpl @ra7227 1d
  •   cassidyrae99 If you stop reading this you will die this comment is cursed if you don't repost this on 7 pictures your mom will die at 11:10 17h
  •   esmerlovesmac Why do ppl post those chains about your mom will die if you don't LIKE or whatever!!? its pathetic! and very disturbing to me because my mom is actually passing away! :/ 16h

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