•   felicityporya This is one of the most idiotic arguments I have ever read lol @__wild_1 @la.vraie.vie 1d
  •   __wild_1 yet you took your time to read it and make a comment @felicityporya bye 1d
  •   __wild_1 you're one to say @flawlessfacedbeauty 1d
  •   alsabrya_sara Omg u talk lots of rubbish shut ur mouth up coz ur making small things big and u dnt have any work but fight ur like a bloody baby tht dose not want to close her mouth wtf grow up as how they told u why all this god gives u brain not to talk rubbish but to talk in a gd open minded way so use ur brain and dnt make a fool out of ur self girl 1d
  •   alsabrya_sara Cool down girl just take a deep breath and cool down 1d
  •   alsabrya_sara Nothing is worth a fight take everything easy 1d

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