nickspud Mckinney, Texas is one of the fastest growing cities in America. Doesn't surprise me. Elle, lives there. The dark haired, ocean-eyed Texan seems to possess a magnetic personality -- I imagine she pulls a lot of double takes, and "do I know you" lines -- and it couldn't be more transparent in her photography. Her portraits are gorgeous, and honest examinations of the sisterhood she invests so much pride in. They're heartfelt and there's this sense of tangibility to them, like this family could be growing up a house behind you. And while her images are drawing you closer, her words imitate soft, sensitive whispers, even the type of tenderness you might expect from a revered childhood pastime. Personally, her best images have spawned thoughts in my head of an idyllic Texas life, like an ongoing "Tree Of Life" film, but with a little more estrogen. The relationships in her images are so alive, so real, you could almost create entire back-stories from them. She has also struck an accord with me through her total command of current music. Elle is a musical scavenger, going around collecting songs and hymns, and creating enchanting playlists. Through her captivating images, written expression, and delectable music choices, her Instagram feed has become a fountain of formosity. I have this strong feeling this interview will be a small footnote in the life of Elle Sabol, a tiny sparkle in an endless trail of bright lights. @clavicelle #igtalk 4y
  •   carobaens Ooh I know her, her photo's are amazing! 4y
  •   sabolbecca @nickspud shes my sister she is wonderful and she really appreciates this 4y
  •   allivb14 @nickspud this is my sister too<3 thanks you for doing this for her, it means alot for my sister. She has taken such an interest in photography and is amazing at it. She is one of kind. She includes us in all of her work and is very open to do anything for us. Thanks for giving her more inspiration to do more great work. I love you @clavicelle love, Alli<3 4y
  •   kiankrash She rocks! 4y
  •   quecumber Spot on!! Could not have said it better. Love all her posts 4y
  •   ocarinaofrhyme I love @clavicelle :) and I very much agree with everything you said about her 4y
  •   benjamin_bradley Cool! 4y
  •   poeticwordvomit I love that you featured her brilliance 30 weeks ago and instagood only recently found her. Furthermore, I love the detailed descriptions you carefully take the time to compose for each legend you share with us. So articulate. Well done and keep up the superb work. 3y

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