howies Showing our metal. #asthecrowflies 6mon
  •   howies @pau_thoreau a cross style adventure bike is what we have crafted with him, but he can make you a beautiful XC frame 6mon
  •   bluehillboy Hi, where can I get more info? Like the idea of the Cross style adventure bike. 6mon
  •   bradflynn Where is he getting his Reynolds Decals or are they painted? 6mon
  •   pau_thoreau @howies something like a Salsa cycle? Love these bikes! I'll write him! Cheers! 6mon
  •   howies @bluehillboy we launch it at bespoked and then it will be on@our site. 6mon
  •   howies @bradflynn you get them from Reynolds if you are an official tube supplier 6mon
  •   howies @pau_thoreau salsa do something in this catagory 6mon
  •   bradflynn @howies Thankyou,I'll have to chat to Gary at Curtis and see.Which brings me to ask you both at Bespoked to chat about doing some Curtis/Howies Tee's 6mon

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