nakedspy Hello from Greece! My name is Haris born and raised in Switzerland,living now in Athens/Greece.I enjoy long walks on the beach and I especially love the sea. I may look serious but most of the times I'm a funny person. I am a big fan of Bob Dylan. I enjoy the songs and poetry of this great artist.It's a pleasure not only being part of this extraordinary community but also meeting new friends around the entire IGWorld.Nice meeting you all! #jj_board #jj_board_bio #jj_board_nakedspy 5y
  •   deminella I know!!! Same thought!! I must have a chip in me somewhere! BIG BROTHER! 4y
  •   nakedspy @deminella Neither Just logical conclusions! 4y
  •   nakedspy @evimant Εγω ειμαι εδω 4y
  •   evimant @nakedspy ahahaha!ooopppsss!!!e twra Pou se vlepw moiazei Kai stous duo! 4y

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