•   fuckn_knowartist I haven't heard y'alls music since 'Saturday Night Wrist'...I need to catch up! Been listening since the 90s, and while I love it all, that album was ill. 2y
  •   simgibb75 EROS. 2y
  •   defbri13 I understand the sentiment the band has for the EROS material...... But I have always thought, especially since Chi's passing, what better tribute to our friend Chi, than to release those songs through ITunes or a special comemarative CD in Chi's honor. Maybe release it on 4/14/14 2y
  •   jasper_borst @defbri13 Eros will be released. First they will put out a new album and then Eros. Chino said that in a interview. You can find that on youtube. 2y
  •   valentine314 Yep chino said early deftones is hard to listen to. So is my every life. 2y
  •   joe234sims @finalbass9 2 much acid #tracers 2y

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