amog4 Okay here's is the Seahawks #8 story. I was given #8 the first time playing football started to love this number. I was wondering if I could be 8 in the NFL & he said go to the store to decorate your living space. Went to the Christian store lady says when did that get in & didn't let her grab it & said it was for me. Later, I ditch the combine to go to the saturday service & speaker was GM for Seahawks. I was honored by the Rev for being the 1st out of 8 yrs to go to this service, I cried :) If I would of performed that day I would of missed that meaningful #8. Glory be to God. Keep calling them coincidences if you want to. 6mon
  •   saanibo The level ur relationship with God is an inspiration man 6mon
  •   crisresto There he is!!! Follow his word and keep doing you! Period! 6mon
  •   sonyaschafah Screw the media tryna make you sound crazy .. You go MUEMA you're real friends family and fans know where your heart lies you got this ! 6mon
  •   heskarlholmes @amog4 hit my line folks 6mon
  •   jgavsosteezy Uh duh there's no other reason why ur the modern day hulk lol 6mon
  •   krownsofroyalty So this guy personally talks with God? 6mon
  •   robin__lynne Adam I told you years back you'd make it big one day and I believe you will, dont give up 6mon
  •   2sexxie Keep seeking God he will hv favor upon u. Keep u r eyes on Jesus& the things if this world will grow Gray& dim!! @amog4 6mon

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