virtualinstawalk What is a Virtual Instawalk? VIW is an Instagram event that anyone can take part in where ever they are in the world. On a day, chosen by the host, participants go for a walk (or a roll, for any IG friends using wheelchairs) and take photos. The walk is anywhere you want, at anytime on the day no matter your time zone. You need 16 or more photos to participate. Post your unedited photos in a grid style gallery with the tag of the walk (e.g. #VIW11) and the username of the walks host. As you post your edited photos over the following days and weeks include the same tags. These tags will share your photos, & the current host chooses the next so don’t forget their username. When you have finished & posted your final edit, post another grid of the finished products & tag both GRIDS ONLY with #VIW_grids so they can be compared. Think it sounds fun? Well you’re in luck! Today, Saturday 4th February, is Virtual Instawalk 11 hosted by @gromitmagick. Go to her feed to see her fantastic posts about the event. There are optional rules for the event. Read them on @gromitmagick’s posts, and stay tuned here for more posts about today's walk. 4y

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