brendan_biele I'm running sound tonight for the Bob Curnow Big Band. Ichiban's restaurant Spokane, WA 4y
  •   spacebucket I love me some big band 4y
  •   brendan_biele @spacebucket "it don't mean a thing... If it ain't got that certain gen a se qua" 4y
  •   topspinguy Hi, you have great photos and art, but since you also run audio I have a question for you. Are you working in mono or stereo on your board? I was talking to the sound guy at a show recently and he said that most houses just go with a mono mixdown out to the PA system. I wasn't sure if I should take his word for it. 3y
  •   brendan_biele @topspinguy Thanks for checking out my feed... yeah, mono is just fine for many live sound situations. The setup for this venue is using stereo equipment but every mic channel is panned up the middle essentially making it mono. This was a Big Band and the 6 mics were just for the various horn solos. There was a CD player pumping a little Jazz Combo music between sets, so that would have been stereo. So your buddy is right; mono can be the proper format for Live Sound Reenforcement. However, a lot of bigger shows require a stereo Front Of House for guitar effects, keyboards, synths, reverbs, and in some cases, backing tracks. Even then, the vocals, kick, bass, etc. will be panned straight up. Sub woofers will usually be in mono (this practice is used to prevent phasing issues). The stereo format is used to create an image of space (a room). Since the musicians and the audience are already in the room, the imaging exists naturally. It is up to the engineer to communicate with the musicians or the musical director to use stereo or mono appropriately. There are even situations where the on-stage monitors for a keyboard player needs to be in stereo. Mono setups are simple and it works, stereo is used when needed. 3y
  •   topspinguy Many thanks for the lengthy, detailed, highly informative reply. Sorry for taking so long to respond. I owe you one. Do you ever make it out to Phx? 3y
  •   brendan_biele @topspinguy sure, I'm happy to talk shop at any pace. I tend to do my IG thing sporadically, so it's all good. I'm kinda stuck in Spokane, I've never actually been to the South-West. SoCal doesn't count, does it? 3y
  •   hyerophant @brendan_biele Oh sound engineer?! I love sound. Hope you loved Alan Splet's one in Blue Velvet! Spokane! Great... Very wooden indian arty, isn't it? Is it far from Snocalmy Falls? 3y

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