beafunmum You know those times when you look at your child and it's like they've changed into a grown-up version of themselves overnight? That. 11mon
  •   mindowindow Oh yeah I see it 11mon
  •   emmanicolelean So big!!! 11mon
  •   marieodesign I keep seeing glimpses of a gawky teenage boy in my almost 7 year old boy. Then he moves and he's back to the boy I know :) 11mon
  •   beafunmum @marieodesign that's what it is: it's a glimpse of the man he will become...and then he was off zooming around his drift wood plane, my little boy again. x 11mon
  •   posieshoots Oh yes. I took a photo of my boy recently & I could see the 18 year old version of him. Eeeep. 11mon
  •   sconeonamission My 6 yr old is the same. I swear he gets taller overnight 11mon

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