deftonesband 1.19.14 Gold Coast, Australia #BDO #bigdayout 8mon
  •   mainlandadj Sergio Muthafuckin Vega!! Now playing in 2 of my all time favorite bands! At the same time?!?! The hell you say!!! @deftonesband 7mon
  •   pinata89 wowww, just got BLOCKED by someone who begs for're loss @babysophiecat 7mon
  •   marieclaireguerra SergioV 7mon
  •   cashlynj @pinata89 you should see her Facebook... I feel bad for her, but she should be spending time getting better, not hanging out on the internet where people will troll you no matter what. 7mon
  •   pinata89 @cashlynj you're so right. She makes herself a pretty easy target 7mon
  •   mxdcornflakes7 @Babysophiecat is obsessing over someone that she can't have, trying to get attention over social media.... If ya say your getting help, keep going to get help. I'm not perfect but dang.... A big band like that, they're NOT going to reply to everything. #Dedtones 3mon
  •   gongobx Do your thing SERGE!! 2mon

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