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deftonesband A bit crooked...but safely in Briabane!!!! 9mon
  •   babysophiecat >:( owl chino 9mon
  •   babysophiecat I think I memorized how to get to sfo since I've been there so often.. Lol I'm always on your like you guys ;) 9mon
  •   babysophiecat I want Starbucks.. I miss my twitter :( 9mon
  •   tx911 @babysophiecat uh, are u off ur meds or something? 9mon
  •   babysophiecat Yup... I flew to Hawaii and they're In my luggage but I still post partum psychosis so they keep readjusting them -_- it's not funny by the way -_- @tx911 9mon
  •   tx911 @babysophiecat oh you got that right, it's not funny a AT ALL. 9mon
  •   babysophiecat You're pathetic @tx911 too bad you're a deftones fan :( 9mon
  •   babysophiecat And see ya @tx911 blocked your fail keep my pics private cuz I'm a lil girl whatever kick rocks 9mon

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