gaguchi ---- be original ---- don't copy ----- I'm getting tired of saying it, but it still happens.. 5y
  •   krownkingdom @samycr ah! Haha gracias! Estoy aprendiendo poco a poco :) 5y
  •   hypekeez Originality RULES!!  5y
  •   rcusan  funny guy! 5y
  •   vjv Imitation of a concept/idea, or being inspired by another's idea/work is one thing, COPYING and then claiming you are the original creator is stealing. It's as simple as that. 5y
  •   gaguchi @jwoon888 this is what happens ... Look at the date 5y
  •   gaguchi @jwoon888 you know what they say! Great minds think alike! No problem I understand! Your work is awesome !! Very professional, I wish I had your equipment :P 5y
  •   goldfishnuda I can it???!!!!!!!!!!*^^* 5y

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