howies 25,000 stickers just arrived. Online by the weekend. 8mon
  •   bradflynn About time. 8mon
  •   pauldicko I have missed stickers, I still have an old one in the shed!!!!! 8mon
  •   shriker I remember back in the day, having the classic blue sticker on my deck 8mon
  •   brokenriders @howies You guys up for a sticker swap?! 8mon
  •   placid_casual Do you have the giant ones in again? 8mon
  •   tobyesq Remember sticking a big Howies one to our local mini ramp. Cross hatched with a knife so the groms couldn't steal it in one go. 8mon
  •   howies @placid_casual got them if you need one 8mon
  •   howies @tobyesq clever. 8mon

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