kimkardashian I love my fashion icon @CarineRoitfeld for wearing this tshirt!!! 9mon
  •   artemisia23 She's like a homeless person in this pic. 6mon
  •   matsorlando 90% of people marry their 7th grade crush. Since your reading this, you will be told some good new tonight, and if you don't repost this in 9 comments your worse week starts now. And in 54 minutes your crush will realize they love you. 4mon
  •   officiallexismith Looks evil 4mon
  •   _cecilianguyen Reminds me of grandma MJ (what she's was like younger) chic and fab !! 3mon
  •   samchu216 If you stop reading this you die. My name Teresa Figaldo if you don't post this in 20 pictures I will sleep with you forever. A girl skipped this and 29 hours later her mom died. I am real you can google me. 3mon

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