•   twomorenights @mrs_horan321 @asyamoerox Stop being jealous of her and go do something about your own ugly looks. 3y
  •   _rebecca.rachel_ Im not she is just to ugly @twomorenights 3y
  •   carolinekeese Stop getting up in EVERYONE'S buisness. People don't want a stranger telling them what to do. THEY CAN DO WHAT THEY WANT. You need to cool down about this stuff and ur the one that's freaking out not everyone else. It might even seem that you are jealous. Back off and everyone else is backing off. Stop begging for attention and stop bossing everyone around. Get me? Alright @twomorenights 3y
  •   twomorenights @caroline_who You tell me to mind my own buisness yet you get into mine. Heres a tip: Shut the fuck up and quit being a whiny little hypocrite. By the way, you can stop acting all bog ad bad like you own the damn place, cause you just come off as a bitch. 3y
  •   twomorenights @mrs_horan321 Like you aren't? Id like to see your face first. 3y
  •   _rebecca.rachel_ What? @twomorenights just shut up and leave me alone 3y
  •   brooksm515 Lets just settle down now 3y
  •   miktubic_old_acc She hot 3y

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