l_iguidez Robot shoes!! Thought I'd show off my beautiful tattoo too 3y
  •   l_iguidez @yoyoferro that's awesome!! I love mine and can't wait to see yours 3y
  •   snoopa now I feel like getting a bigger one on my other foot, with colors and all, this is beautiful. 3y
  •   l_iguidez Thanks @snoopa !! This one was my second foot tattoo... It hurt like a bitch (so did the first one) but this one has lots of meaning. I went through a major health scare last year (ovarian tumor) and my friends folded me 1000 paper cranes. It's a reminder of all I went through and a reminder to be thankful for my health, so the pain was all worth it! 3y
  •   snoopa It's pretty even without the added meaning. Glad to hear you're fine. I got the anti HPV vaccine, this stuff's scary. 3y
  •   l_iguidez @bossyxox here's my artwork by Dejan :) 3y
  •   bossyxox Omg I knew it!!!! It's beautiful 3y
  •   l_iguidez Thanks @bossyxox can't wait to go back for more from him how's yours healing up- you've just got it done recently right? 3y
  •   bossyxox @l_iguidez mines healing just perfectly!! Well, I got the outline done like 8 months ago, and I live waay out of town now so I wasn't able to get the coloring done till may of this year!! 3y

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