kerstilee Homemade bread, googy eggs and banana berry smoothie - nommy breakfast 4y
  •   kerstilee Advice here is listeria no issue w eggs just salmonella (cheese/salami is problem) - we have different flocks - i totally avoided until doctor told me ok 4y
  •   tegalturkey We were told here not to have runny eggs because the egg whites are the problem...even cafe's wouldn't give me runny eggs! Just be careful, make sure the whites are fully cooked! 4y
  •   tegalturkey I believe you should only be eating hard boiled - they can't promise you won't get salmonella as that is inside the egg! And cooking till hard boiled is the safest way to insure to kill the bacteria. It means avoid homemade foods that contain raw or partially cooked eggs like mayonnaise, cake batter, eggnog etc. Runny eggs would be in there, as you can't guarantee the white has been properly cooked 4y
  •   kerstilee Yep, my biggest issue is eating out - cheesecakes, creme brulee, salad dressings etc cos catering eggs not necessarily the guaranteed immunised ones. There was a huge deal in the UK in the 80s over bacteria in eggs and now they run this program to ensure they're safe - if you get the stamped ones they're the safest in the world. 4y
  •   tegalturkey Well that's good. Yeah eating out is very hard when pregnant! But it doesn't last forever! 4y
  •   jennalyn84 What?! No cake?! Damn it.. I'm going to hate being pregnant!! That means no pavlova as well doesn't it? 4y
  •   kerstilee Pav is fine - eggs are cooked 4y
  •   jennalyn84 I guess... 4y

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