deftonesband 11.1.13 Los Angeles 2y
  •   bitches.brew Jealous 2y
  •   rockindee I see Risa! 2y
  •   therealrickmoreno Please come back to Atlanta.The tabernale 2y
  •   rodrigolorijola Come back to São Paulo!!! 2y
  •   joemotor Its been fun to be a Deftones fan for the last three years !!!!! Thanks for the all the shows. We love you guys ,keep up the hard work. Please make another cd!!!! 2y
  •   slainte0164 Come to New Jersey!! 2y
  •   jodinni A show in Brazil would be awesome, hope you guys here soon. 2y
  •   reneecabactnoh Love you guys, you get me pumped up when I'm designing!! I would love to send you guys a few Ts from my brand... Peace 2y

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