deftonesband Let's do this LA 2y
  •   vylet_24 Stoked they played RX Queen! 2y
  •   starlight_crystal So bummed that I couldn't be there. Come back to Sacramento!!! :D 2y
  •   mikeyrosales5554 That is an awsome stage 2y
  •   flornflarnowitz Thats not fog.. 2y
  •   nervez1 @lifeofenergy epic show, epic rarely played songs just for the LOS ANGELES crowd and epic HIKE to the whip through tunnels and mountains haha . That's what we get for being turnt up, paying 20 for parking , but somehow ended up diving a few miles up and parking in a free park spot lol 12mon
  •   nervez1 @lifeofenergy always dope. How many shows is that always since 01' haha get back on it . Show hopping like before. Coachella, warped tour, any tour, smoke out, etc..rock on RIO (VEGAS 05-15 MGM) NEXT.. 12mon
  •   nervez1 @lifeofenergy we try though. 12mon

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