pftompkins Oh, and everyone's dad is here, too! #Superego 4y
  •   yosofine Totally creepy! 4y
  •   jacqlita Thanks, I love waking up every half hour screaming and being too scared to get out of bed to pee. I love starting morning with a full bladder and trauma ridden bags under my eyes. 4y
  •   beenugs Haha AHH. 4y
  •   strawberryluna Noooooooooooooo 4y
  •   strikerobi Littlest Hobo!? 4y
  •   davidsphone @pftompkins I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN!!!! 4y
  •   eeentropyyy Another picture of Paton Oswald... someone has a man crush! 4y
  •   rude_bird Charlie mccarthy! I had one as a girl. As i grew older my mother hung him from a hanger in my closet. Somehow it never seemed weird... 3y

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