marnau As the organizers of the fashion party “Hallowood Disco Africa”, we would like to sincerely apologize that this private party offended so many people. It was never our intention to do so. We had named the party “Disco Africa” to reflect the growing influence of Africa in the design and fashion world, not only as a growing market but also as the source of creative ideas. In retrospect, we clearly failed to think through the possible negative consequences and interpretations that might have resulted and appeared in both traditional and social media. These interpretations are all the more upsetting because most people in the fashion industry, from which we come, have always taken a strong stand against social discrimination whether on sexual, religious or racial grounds. Creative talent is what counts, not a person’s social, racial, religious or sexual background. We’re so sorry that we failed to make our position clear and gave the impression of racism. We are now much wiser and will do our very best to clarify our position in the future.
#hallowood2013 #discoafrica
  •   lucasem A discrimination meaning never ever has touched whoever knows you and whoever came to your parties. 2y
  •   lucasem Anyways well said! 2y
  •   agentq WELLDONE....xxAGENTQ 2y
  •   rizzichristian @marnau EXCELLENT STATEMENT 2y
  •   giuliobrambillalife if we think in this way all women should be extremely angry with drag queens 😬 @marnau @giampaolosgura @marcobraga ... GREAT PARTY 2y
  •   dag__man Really @marnau ? The only people that said something positive about your comment are white. Do what you want...its your wish. Just know its not a good look at all. Maybe you didn't know...but now that you do, will you do it again? What did your black guests say when they were there? Were there any that attended? 2y
  •   pejufamojure @marnau honestly I have no problem with the party theme. It's a costume party but what I have an issue with is the complete lack of respect from some of your guests. Slaves in shackles because that's chic right? Or Tabu (sambo) because that has anything to do with the continent of Africa?! Painting your face because no one will understand you are trying to be Fela Kuti without it?! if all the creative talent in the room couldn't figure out a way to get their look across without it, we have a problem. It's one thing to be celebratory and pay some homage to the beauty in all those nations, the people, the wildlife but it's another thing to be insensitive and honestly idiotic. I'm still stuck on dressing as a slave, what next an Auschwitz prisoner 2y

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