collettedinnigan For full letter please go to 2y
  •   papillon_belle_australia @collettedinnigan so many wonderful successes to take with you on your new journey in life. Best wishes from the Papillon Belle Australia team. 2y
  •   constantinalouise This is such an inspiring letter- as I read it I take my hat off to you. As a designer of a young label and with 3 young kids, I battle everyday with time management and projecting positive energy to my family whilst in the midst of madness sometimes!! God bless you @collettedinnigan!!! You were already a success, now you have triumphed 2y
  •   abvmcl @amaplebrown oh nooooooo! You need to get over there ASAP and call me with available sizing :) 2y
  •   catleexox You inspired me back when you first began; doing everything yourself; & you still inspire me now. Here's to the incredible contribution you've been to Australian fashionCongratulations on your new book & Blessings on beautiful new beginnings. 2y
  •   leahdymuslegit Good luck Collette - I've followed you from the beginning, at a time when i was a hapless teenager who couldn't afford (or fill) your underwear and you borrowed money from family & friends for a start up. How well you've done. Enjoy your success and the time & luxury your hard work has afforded you we will be missing you. @sashasmithy 2y
  •   collettedinnigan Thank you all so much for your incredible support. I've had an emotional couple of days but all of your understanding and kind words have really helped get me and the whole team through this. Collette x 2y
  •   iamthelizardqueen_ Me too @chocachic!! Shattered to have missed out :( 2y
  •   melisamgiraldo All the best @collettedinnigan often think of you. X 2mon

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