deftonesband 10.26.13 Las Vegas 10mon
  •   grungegrl91 I was so fucking there. I fuckint love you guys ♡10mon
  •   daniadasvi I love you @deftonesband ! 10mon
  •   tmntr21 You guys killed it, I came from NYC to see a7x and took a friend's advice not to miss you perform. I'm a new fan awesome job guys! 10mon
  • Guys, let's talk. I got fucked by a seller on Stub hub and my pit tickets are now seat tix all the way in the back of section A. 10mon
  •   dvslisa That's @notoriousliz666 in the front row yet again!!! You guys better start giving her some props!!!! Most hardcore , @deftonesband fan I have ever met!!! Chino, please marry them!!!! 10mon
  •   sourlemondrops Damn I'm now going to Las Vegas for a wedding. I wish I went sooner lol 10mon
  •   mikeyrosales134967 Wish I was there 8mon
  •   alyssa_zamora We were there! @warm_it_up_chris 7mon

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