polyvore One of the more professional objects we keep around the office. #Polyvore #GameOn 3y
  •   preppyonbeaconhill @polyvore I dont know why you guys continue to ignore the amount of requests you receive to MAKE AN ANDROID APP. Obviously you plan to remain exclusionary or else you would read the comments on your site REQUESTING AN ANDROID APP for google play store and for blackberry. Thankful for the fans my behind. You don't like us. 3y
  •   polyvore @thehunterswife28 We hear you. We're working on perfecting our app for iOS first and then look to move on to other systems. Our motto here is to do a few things WELL, before moving on the the next, and we live by this, especially when creating things for our community to love and enjoy! Hang in there, we promise you won't regret it! 3y

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