deftonesband Wandering Tulsa 2y
  •   lee_cordova Avenged sevenfold sucks dick 2y
  •   tx911 Deftones should be headlining. Fuck those teenybopper ripoff artists A7x 2y
  •   lexstafareye Wait, wait, waitavenged whatever the fuck is headlining and the deftones have to sit through that before they can play ? You know they have mighty earplugs. 2y
  •   _sprawn Great pic 2y
  •   jluintheshade Looks so exciting! 2y
  •   roostercook10 Deftones should be headlining this tour with different bands 2y
  •   maggotlove0214 Can't wait for tomorrow@deftonesband you guys have been a huge part of my life and tomorrow ill get to be a small part of your life again! Never stop 2y
  •   yeiryyyy See you tomorrow guys!!!! I saw you guys april 28 cant wait to see you tomorrow!!! Hopefully i get to meet you!!!! #deftonesband <3 2y

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