deftonesband 10.9.13 Boston, MA 2y
  •   kerrrrrrry It was my first time seeing you guys live and it was awesome! 2y
  •   king_elvis93 @bvbchad lol dude,Grow the Fuck up...A7X will never be legend like the Mighty DEFTONES..So take your Middle school band and shove it up yours. 2y
  •   digital_bath_dano ^ Lmao forreal @king_elvis93 he's got gay ass "Black Veil Brides" in his name for fucks sake... Deftones helped "pioneer" a fucking genre with KoRn known as Nu Metal, something these kids will never understand! 2y
  •   dickretard I think Deftones should've headlined or had a longer set 2y
  •   lucipurr.6661 I was there <3 2y
  •   minarakastansinua_ Was there! aww chino♡♡♡♡ 2y
  •   kells383 Awesome show can't believe it was 7 weeks ago wish I could go back 2y
  •   jennerlynn84 This is the only time I missed you perform here since 2006... And I am dying to see you again!!! I can't wait to see a another show. I still, ALWAYS get goosebumps the whole time like it's my first time. 2y

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