aquacat "Hey, come out quickly! I'll wet my pants!" ....Jiwan, you didn't wear pants. You're naked. (-_-) 4y
  •   peachieandcream  4y
  •   nomilk 고양이 손으로 문열기////ㅅ///// 4y
  •   hotchillimama Jiwan... "What? I'm naked?"  4y
  •   wakuw_acu 푸하하 완전귀여워요!! 하지만 목욕하자면 싫어하겠죠?? 4y
  •   aquacat @wakuw_acu 지완은 괴상하게도 저 욕실을 무척 좋아하는데, 세면대에서 물 트는 소리만 나도 쏜살같이 튀어서 도망갑니다. ㅎㅎ 4y
  •   wakuw_acu 역시!! 아..귀여워요...///_/// 4y
  •   peninha Cats don't like closed doors. 4y
  •   foon26o4 Same as mine!! He just has to open it, can't stand secrets... 4y

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