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barackobama President Obama broke bread today with Scott, Valarie, Kathie, and Bill, the four winners of #DinnerWithBarack 3y
  •   bella_940 daym @kaylee_417 1mon
  •   phoebe.alley @joey_little45 little boy maybe you just grow up a little and actually use your brain and not just what mommy and daddy tell you and THEN maybe make an educated comment on Instagram. @joey_little45 4w
  •   kurd8kurdistan We love u president obama 4w
  •   louis.nardella @joey_little45 thays completly not true barack is doing a great job of holdin gposituon of the most powerful man in the world. Like @phoebe.alley said, make an educated comment, not something that is stupid! 2w
  •   whosthatoneguy This be the face he makes when he be havin rich white dudes hands up his ass cause hes a puppet. And if he isnt affiliated hes just a retarded puppet cause he be gettin played and he dont even know it. You might be doing this too make yourself seem superior too everybody cause you got a little dick and shit and your ego cant take it but it just absolutely appalles me that some human can be so evil that your intentions are too enslave humanity without us even knowing. Newsflash. Were not all retarded. I see right through you. My pineal gland functions. You dont deserve too have the soul that you sold anyway. PS. tell yo wife too chill on the turnip for what shit. Its gay and just goes too show how dumb you think we are based on how you deliver messages. Hope you enjoy your remaining years on earth. Cause after that..... woah I dont even wanna know what your soul goes through in hell. Everyday you grow closer too the hell that will be your final destination. I feel sorry for you really. You done fucked up selling something thats not yours too sell and allowing wealthy rich legacy assholes who were born into money run our earth in which everyone should own a piece of instead of the way society is ran today. That is a true democracy. Where politicians arent placed from backdoor deals. where the amount of money you have doesnt mean you have more of a say than the next human beside you. Word. Peace out. And use plenty of lube when that old white dude puts his hand in yo ass. 5d
  •   xmode___ Obama place do not kill muslims 2d
  •   xmode___ 2d

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