•   davidlovo @conchitaaa_ is this her natural hair?! 4w
  •   yung.chachi @davidlovo omg david idk 4w
  •   davidlovo Mrs. Carter don't get offended! I just was confused! Love you! 4w
  •   heidiayasin Hermosa 4w
  •   justinservio Now she growing long hair 2w
  •   wsr_1 good 1w
  •   iamterrell060 @davidlovo yeah, she wears extensions sometimes... but she at the time chopped all of her hair off... her actual hair is long. But u know as a celebrity constantly doing your hair for concerts etc.. and dying your hair straightening it causes stress to it.. so wearing wigs and extensions gives your hair a break.. so after she cut off all of her hair she now has been sporting lace wigs and extensions a lot more til her hair grows all the way back 5d

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