tishcyrus Date Night 1y
  •   piggy1276 Yeah @pullau that's true 2mon
  •   victoriaarras your a cunt @sam_sleeper 2mon
  •   ameezysmine You guys are both like so perfect!<3 2mon
  •   courtybee_ He always looks so unhappy and out of it in every picture. Probably because you are his daughters handler and shes down a path of destruction. How sad. 1mon
  •   mikayla.tipler It doesn't matter. Just because you think his daughters in a path of destruction. Doesn't mean shit. Miley is amazing. And nobody cares about little haters opinions. like yours,that diss miley on her MOTHERS acc. He can be unhappy for various reasons. Just cause miley seems to be a horrible person to you doesn't mean he thinks that about his own daughter. Miley's probably not even close to the reason he always seems sad.and seems to be in his own world. @courtybee_ 4w
  •   giovanasmilercyrus Perfects 4w
  •   nicolawatson_ @katarinalulic2 looking good billy!! 3w

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