keyshiacole Amazing photo shoot #SteveMadden #SmxKeyshiaCole had a Lovely time!!! Thanks team 3y
  •   foreverlive_rah I love u ever since u came out i still listen to ur old songs @keyshiacole 2y
  •   chris_wg IDK why she remind me of you so much @da_bosseswife 2y
  •   da_bosseswife Lls alotta ppl say Dat, Jeezy said Dat too @wisegroup_chris 2y
  •   chris_wg Don't get jeezy out you know I don't share lol @da_bosseswife 2y
  •   da_bosseswife Lol sls ;} @wisegroup_chris 2y
  •   lilysgmama props to. u. grl. u keep me goin whn im at my lowest in life ur music inspires me !!! i hv gone threw a bad divorce recently and ur music helpd me so much !! same time my dad had a massive heart attck !! and i jst recently lost my aunt she passed away!! and ur music. keeps me goin. so keep doin wht u are doin. dnt let no one get u dwn!! props 2y
  •   flocka_smm I kno u might not get this .. But ya music be having me in my zone ..ok now back to my gangsta shit I sound soft lOl #JerseyLove #Newark #brickcity 2y
  •   s_ros3_ Just watched your interview on bc....don't let a man have u down. Be beautiful. ...remain beautiful because you are beautiful. Chin up!! @keyshiacole #1fan 2y

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