snoopdogg Keep ya head up !! We prayn 4 ya 1y
  •   ash_mehelle Free hernandez!! 1y
  •   ck23air Free Hernandez 1y
  •   houman25 Was this before it was obvious that he's guilty? 1y
  •   _vvilx_ Keep ya head up a 1y
  •   lordnegy Free hernandez!! 1y
  •   hgamez0439 What a good way to throw away a 50 mil contract sorry but aaron is a jacka** 1y
  •   dakingsmiff95 Ppl might b prayin 4 him but n all reality itz O V 4 him dey got so much evidence on bi homie DAT johnny cocrin couldnt even get him out of Diz 1 1y
  •   _sweetpea61 Keep your head up hernandez . 1y

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