laurenconrad Shooting my new XO Eco collection for @blueavocadolove today at @8500Burton 2y
  •   reyneed Lauren Conrad is #queen 2y
  •   getwild_getcrazy I Loved Yu From the jump when I started watchin the hills. yur a down to earth chill person and yur pretty. i wish there was more shows of the hills. i truly a fan wish i could meet yu one day @laurenconrad @laurenconrad @laurenconrad 2y
  •   cransky71 Can't wait to see more of @cransky71 2y
  •   xlunarsoulss Lauren I have a presentation at FIDM tomorrow & I'm really nervous, but you know what encourages me? You, I listen to Come Clean by Hillary Duff & I picture myself being just like you. One day, I will thank you personally, because even though I'm still in the process of becoming a Fashion Designer, I know you'll be my first to thank. Your my role model, my inspiration, the one person I look up to. You play a huge role in my life. Thank you 2y
  •   heathiiie Lc you are perfect 2y
  •   martine.kleppe Your so beautiful and perfect 2y
  •   rgreengrass Look at @kristinawebb_ and @colour_me_creative pictures. She drew an AMAZING picture of you!!!! Please look at it!!!! 2y
  •   litreb12 Nice gallery!!! 2y

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