biblewilliams How's everybody feelin' this morning? 2y
  •   alilittle28 Cutest thing ever. 2y
  •   msunbeams Paging Dr L, there's a patient to see you! 2y
  •   jodigjones Bb used to do the same thing to our lab!!! SOOOO cute!! 2y
  •   biblewilliams @rachaelcecelia Exactly. (And yes... 2 labs. And a cat. And a caterpillar. And 3 kids. And an anxiety problem. Heh.) 2y
  •   rachaelcecelia I've never seen your animals! I'm dying! 2y
  •   biblewilliams @rachaelcecelia And - no joke - - 10 min after I wrote that response to you, E asked me for a puppy "of her very own" for her birthday next week. Ha! Um, not gonna happen. 2y
  •   cassietasker Oh my word, so cute! 2y
  •   teamrochester Cuuuuuuuuuuuute 2y

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