•   casetify @grezinha You design the way you want! 4y
  •   dina_janssen I want one how do I get one 4y
  •   tripleedub Yay!!!! Just now recieved my case that I won and I absolutely LOVE it!!!!!!! You guys do such incredibly wonderful work and I am definitely going to be recommending you to every iPhone owner I know!  4y
  •   cecibug Do you make them for the iPod as well?! 4y
  •   gluaygluay @casetagram how can I order it? 4y
  •   dalyana Yes,do you make them for the ipod as well??? 4y
  •   makrause88 @casetagram my case is amazing! I love it... And get compliments on it daily. I know of at least 5 people you have purchased one since getting mine in the mail... Thanks so much!!!! 4y
  •   akhollygolightly I just wanted to let you guys know that I haven't ordered my case yet because my email was hacked. If you could email me at asjdz2@hotmail. that would be great. Thank you!! 4y

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