juntowa イチゴっ! 3y
  •   kmario @livelaughphotography thanks, I had never seen one before, they're pretty darn cute! 3y
  •   chacha515 So cute! 3y
  •   menursoekarno What kind of this animal? So cute 3y
  •   corinne69 We don't have the same animal in France but it's so cute!!! I love it 3y
  •   elisabettabottiroli Ooooh myyyyy goooshhh!!!!! :D 3y
  •   jamesgalvin What the f*** is that?! Omg how do you find these animals! 3y
  •   lolsie They are Australian marsupials that belong in the Australian bush, not house pets. 2y
  •   emily_taylor19 It that a sugar glider cuz I want one!!! 2y

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