thelittlethingswedo Playing dress up with her unwilling but patient accomplice. #fernandmarley 2y
  •   happilyeverlyafter Okay. Doesn't get any cuter than this!!! ♡ 2y
  •   adinamo tooooo cute!!! 2y
  •   studioescargot Hihi 2y
  •   wrestiarini thanks for the explanation ;D 2y
  •   pippa_willow Hahaha his face says it all x 2y
  •   j00ke Haha?! @thelittlethingswedo @wrestiarini and I can only confirm what Lauren says. From childhood on my dad had at least 2 German Sheppards as his dogs. They were trained by my dad to be watch dogs (to protect us) znd beacause they are such a easy to train breed we were told what the rules of conduct were around these dogs but also to which commands they obeyed. We had never had issues with them. My baby boy of 20 months is crazy about them! 2y
  •   hismrshermr So cute! I wish Stella would sit still so we could dress her up 2y
  •   ashconniry Umm..this is so freaking adorable! 2y

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